One of the most frequent questions we get asked is What is a condensing Boiler?

A condensing boiler is a high efficiency boiler and First by law since 2005 in Ireland if you buy a gas or oil boiler It has to be a condensing boiler.

By high efficiency we mean that for every €100 you spend on fuel, €90 or more of energy will be generated and only €10 or less wasted. For older less efficient boilers you could be losing up to €40 on every €100 you spend on fuel. As a gas boiler replacement in Dublin or Drogheda this makes it an excellent choice.

This high efficiency is achieved by condensing water vapor (and so the name condensing boiler) in exhaust gases which recover latent heat that would otherwise have been wasted or vaporized through the flue. In other words, it recaptures water vapor been lost from the system and extracts the heat from it for your use, this is the heat that would in an older boiler have gone out the flue.

This is how they save you money, by getting you more bang for your buck from the gas or oil been used. This means you need less fuel to drive it and as we are too aware fuel is very expensive these days.

Clearly as you are using less fossils fuels to drive your condensing boiler then they are better for the environment that older boilers. Less fossil fuel means less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Regular gas boiler servicing is key to keep this high efficiency rate

Having a high efficiency condensing boiler will improve the BER rating for your home. BER is a measure of how efficient your home is in using energy.  Clearly if you go from an efficiency of say 60% with an old non-condensing boiler to a rate of 90%+ you are massively increasing the energy efficiency of your house.

There are 3 types of condensing boilers

  • Combi boilers
  • Regular boilers
  • System boilers

Clearly a condensing boiler is a win for your home. While keeping your house warm and your water hot it will also save you money, be better for environment and improve your BER rating.

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