Smart controlers, energy saving tips

Smart controlers, energy saving tips

  • Smart heating thermostats and heating controls are trending and will soon likely be in every home in Ireland. They offer complete control over your hot water and heating form anywhere with internet connection and monitor your temperature and daily usage to show you where you could save money.
  • Monitoring your heating and hot water via your smart phone can save you up to 20% on your heating bill.
  • Leinster gas are approved installers and offer a guarantee on all our installation work. We can replace your boiler thermostat with a wifi operated controler with minimal disruption and usually within 20 minutes. Our installers will go through the features of the thermostat and get you set up.
  • The SEAI/government offer a grant which can cover the cost of a smart controller depending on the model and brand you choose, you may be eligible for a free wifi enabled smart heating controller supplied and fitted.
  • A thermostatic radiator valve or TRV allows you to control the temperature of each room individually.
  • The new generation of smart controls allows you to install digital TRVs on the radiators so you can control each room individually and remotely from your phone, computer or tablet, you can have 2 zoned and 3 zoned systems right up to 12 zoned and 13 zoned systems and are easily controlled. These are great if you need more heat in one room and less in the other they also have a digital temperature degrees reading so you can up and down the temperature of the rooms as needed.
  • If you want total control over your house appliances, Hive have a new app for apple watch, you can boost your heating, boost your hot water, turn on your lights, turn off your plugs.

The wifi thermostat Brands Leinster gas work with are:

Climote, Nest, Tado, EPH Ember, Beok, Honeywell, Hive, Worcester Bosch Wave, Smart, Ecobee, Vaillant, Vsmart.

Energy saving tips

  • Stainless steel or copper pre insulated hot water tanks will keep the water hot for a lot longer then non insulated. If your cylinder is not preinsulated make sure you have a laggen jacket. The more insulation you have around your hot water tank the longer it will stay hot.
  • A room stat will save around €160 per year on your gas bill.
  • Energy saving light bulbs will last 10 times longer and will save you €40 during the like of the bulb.
  • If you have only one shower and only use the hot water to shave and wash, up you should disconnect your hot water cylinder and install a combi boiler which only heats water as its needed.
  • Plug your phone chargers out of the sockets if not in use as they still use up power, even if the phone is not plugged in.
  • Also only fill your kettle to the amount needed over filling the kettle is wasting energy.

Finance available

Get a Worcester Bosch 18/24kw gas boiler with a 10 year guarantee for €18 per week or €78 per month for 3 years