Summerhill gas boiler installation and repair

Leinster Gas have been supplying gas boiler service in Dublin for many years. We also provide new gas boiler installation in Dublin. If you are looking for a quote for a new gas boiler click on the Instant Quote link at the top of the page. You will be guided through a few easy answer questions and at the end a quote will be emailed to you.

We have many happy customers in SummerHill Dublin, Whitehall, Drumcondra, , and would be delighted to help you solve your gas boiler issues.

Gas boiler installation

  1. Supply and install a gas boiler with a 10 year warranty
  2. Decommission your old gas boiler and send for recycle
  3. Flush the heating System to Remove iron oxide build up
  4. Supply and Fit Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  5. Supply and Fit Magnaclean Filter
  6. Wire the heating controls
  7. Fill System with Inhibitor to Protect Internal Pipe work
  8. Connect to Gas Supply and commission the boiler
  9. We offer a minimum of a 10 years boiler guarantee on all our gas boilers , 12 years on selected gas boiler

Gas Boiler Replacements

If your old boiler isn’t meeting your daily needs, and repair costs are piling up, it may be best to replace your boiler. A new boiler offers a whole range of benefits, particularly if your existing system is past its best.

New boilers provide unparalleled energy efficiency, meaning reduced heating costs for you all year long. And that’s not all. They’re also far more environmentally friendly, thanks to this improved efficiency.

Often, replacing an old system with a brand new boiler is a more cost-effective option than forking out for continuous repairs. So many engineers recommend a replacement and new boiler installation to keep costs as low as possible.

If you think your boiler needs replacing, or you’d like to reduce the cost of your heating bills by installing a more efficient boiler system, just call us to book an Engineer Home Visit, at no cost to you.

  • We assess your needs and usage for free before recommending the best options for you and agreeing a fixed price quote.
  • We install the boiler on your chosen date. We will be clean, tidy and will arrange for your old boiler to be disposed of to a recycling facility..

We understand the impact a broken or misbehaving boiler can have on your life. With Leinster Gas Ltd you can be certain of high quality service. Our expert engineers have experience installing industry leading Worcester Bosch, Viessmann and Ideal boilers alongside many other top brands.

If it can’t be fixed, you wont be charged!

  • All gas boiler models serviced and repaired with a 2 year gaurentee on new parts.
  • Condensing and standard efficiency boiler services for €100+ vat @13.5% €113.5
  • Boiler fix from €79 + vat@13.5% €90
  • Gas cookers, gas hobs installed €115 + vat @13.5% €130
  • RGI certs and invoice issued upon safe completion.

Finance is available on any boilers upgrades and heating works to the value of €15000 subjected to approval.

  • We can install repair or service any make and model of gas boiler but we do like to specialise in the best, Ideal, Bosch and Viessmann being our top 3 boilers for product reliability and longevity.
  • We are accredit installer for Bosch, Ideal and Viessmann.
  • All installers are RGI certified and fully insured for any gas works carried out.
  • An assessor will talk you through the best boiler and system for you property and one that best suites your budget you can also avail of our pay monthly offer.

Gas Boiler Installations

10 years guarantee on selected gas boilers

Gas Boiler Installations

If we can’t fix your boiler you won’t be charged

Gas Boiler Installations

2 year guarantee on any new boiler parts


Reasons your system might need a power flush

We can power flush your heating system with guaranteed results for €450+VAT(€510) up to 9 radiators, then €30+VAT(€34) per additional radiator.

Cold luke warm radiators

are one of the symptoms that you have a problem with your central heating system and a professional powerflush off your central heating system will solve this problem. We use the latest Kamco professional equipment and are fully trained.

Slow heating response

is one of the symptoms you need a powerflush on your central heating system, this is usually spotted when radiators take a long period of time to heat up or you don’t get the heat out of them required, call us for free advice.

Pump noises

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your central heating pump, surges grating then this is a clear sign that your pump is struggling and becoming blocked with sludge then a powerflush is wise and can save the cost of replacing the pump.

Boiler noises

One of the signs that sludge and debris is building up is weird noises coming from the boiler, bangs and sudden surges can be heard if so then an inspection and powerflush of the system will solve this and be cheaper than a new boiler!

Poor hot water

If you are finding that when you turn the tap on fully it’s running cold for a long period of time or goes cold when fully open then a powerflush is of benefit as this is a sign that the boiler is having a problem creating hot water.

Boiler noises

One of the signs that sludge and debris is building up is weird noises coming from the boiler, bangs and sudden surges can be heard if so then an inspection and powerflush of the system will solve this and be cheaper than a new boiler!

Poor circulation

Another common problem is the central heating system pipes get clogged up with sludge and debris.Below is a more detailed diagram showing symptoms which indicate a central heating system that can benefit from a power flush, were all for educating our clients so they know what they should look for.


  • A system boiler directly heats your central heating and also your hot water cylinder.
    The major system components are built into the boiler, making it neater and quicker to install.
  • There boilers are also compatible with solar water heating systems.
  • The system boiler uses a large tank of stored water, meaning you can use multiple hot water outlets at one time without a reduction on pressure.
  • This is idea for larger house holds with more then 2 showers or baths.


  • You will have a storage of hot water for high demands
  • Constant supply of hot water from any number of taps at the same time
  • Neater looking as all the major heating components are in the boiler casing


  • System boilers take up more space as you need your hot water cylinder.
  • Energy wasted by heating your hot water cylinder and not using the water.
  • If you need greater pressure in your hot water outlets a pump is needed.


  • A combi boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler in a single compact unit.
  • When you turn on a hot water tap or shower a combi boilers fires up and heats the water instantly, when you turn off the tap the boiler fires down.
  • Combi boilers are very cost effective and efficient as the water is heated instantly and not stored in a cylinder.
  • Combi boiler are more suited for couples or small families with no more then 2 showers


  • More efficient a combi can save you up to €360 a year on your heating bills
  • Instant Hot water 24/7
  • No need for a hot water cylinder therefore more room in the hotpress
  • No need for a cold water storage tank therefore more room in your attic


  • Dependance on mains pressure if your mains water pressure is not strong enough you will have to install a mains booster pump fed from the cold water storage tank.
  • If the mains water supply is off you will have no water in the hot or cold taps.
  • If 2-3 hot water outlets are on at the same time the boiler might not keep up with demand.


  • A heat only boiler works on the same principle as a system boiler.
  • With a heat only boiler the expansion vessel and heating circulating pump are situated outside the boiler.
  • Also a heat only boiler requires a feed and expansion tank and can’t be pressurised from the mains.
  • Some of the Gas boiler we work with Ideal Logic, Ideal Vogue, Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Glow worm, Potterton, Myson, Baxi Sime, Alpha, Ariston, Biasi, Ferroli, Vokera, Ravenheat, Vaillant, Siarus, Grant.

Finance available

Get a Worcester Bosch 18/24kw gas boiler with a 10 year guarantee for €18 per week or €78 per month for 3 years